Advisory Panel

Our advisors provide a wealth of expertise and knowledge that informs and supports the work of the Clinic

The Advisory Panel of the Ras Morbat Eye Clinic

The Advisory Panel meets with the Bishop of the Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf twice each year and provides advice and oversight to the Bishop on expenditure, equipment, building maintenance, staffing and related matters. They also advise on matters relating to ongoing training of the medical staff, and methods of treatment being offered at the clinic.


The Most Revd. Michael A O Lewis


Captain Roy Facey


Mr. John Banfield

Christopher Futcher

The Ven. Christopher Futcher


Mr. Stefan Poldervaart


The Ven. Bill Schwartz, OBE


Mr. John Richards, OBE

Mike Davies

Dr. Michael Davies


Dr. Edwin Martin

John Sandford-Smith

Dr John Sandford-Smith

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