Our Facilities

Modest facilities used optimally to serve the whole spectrum of eye care

The Facilities of the Clinic

The Clinic has a fully equipped surgery, examination rooms, recovery room and pharmacy as well as a reception, administration offices and its well-known “all-weather waiting area” situated outside where it almost never rains

Examination Rooms

Every patient is thoroughly examined with five standard tests to ascertain their needs and the best form of treatment to offer. Based on the outcome, patients are scheduled for various treatments. Registration and record-keeping are an important base for follow-up with the patients, especially those who have travelled long distances.

Surgery Theatre

The Theatre is equipped for different kinds of surgical treatments, including different kinds of cataract and glaucoma procedures. Generally, surgeries are performed two mornings per week (a day for men and a day for women). Often, students from the medical college observe and learn surgical and public health techniques from our team.

Surgical Recovery Room

Before and after surgery, patients are monitored and cared for until they are ready to return home. Providing before and after surgery administration of anaesthetic and monitoring of vital signs after the procedure are essential to the success of all procedures. Family members often accompany patients, so adequate space is always a challenge.

Pharmacy & Prescriptions

The clinic offers particular pharmaceuticals at affordable (subsidised) prices for patients according to their need, based on what treatments have been recommended and any follow-up that is required (especially in respect to surgical procedures). The pharmacist plays a vital role in educating patients about the proper use of the different medications.

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